Since launching our organization on April 1, there has been over 700 of you who have become a part of our Facebook page. We are blown away by this response and are so thankful for the support. It is our hope that our page continues to inspire others to get involved in our mission of Restoring the Respect to police officers across the country.

Our organization can only move forward with your support. It is the people of this great nation who will keep this running, who will display their ribbons to empower their local law enforcement, and who will stand with us against the disrespect towards police officers. This isn’t something we can do alone. This isn’t something we want to do alone.

So we thank you for getting involved, for showing us that there is a need for an organization like Support the Blue, and for displaying your ribbons proudly. We ask that you share this with your friends, your family and neighbors in your community. Show them that there is something very simple they can do to create a positive change.

We are going to keep working, keep reaching and keep growing so that our officers can feel our presence. This is for them.

Join us today!

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